The Hamilton Complex, a performance with thirteen 13-year-old girls thrilled Bochum theatre audiences and touched them in a way evenings in the theatre rarely do. Now the exceptional Belgian director Lies Pauwels returns to Schauspielhaus Bochum. For her new creation together with actors from the ensemble she invites people of above average weight onto the stage.

Inspired by an era whose qualities the artist also finds characteristic of our own time, the performance is entitled Baroque. Aren’t we living in a manner that is wasteful – of both resources and consumer goods – and standing on the edge of the abyss along with the world itself? And isn’t such disproportionate exaggeration both an expression of and compensation for widespread disquiet and profound emptiness? Now more than ever don’t we feel the finite nature of human life in the face of the infinity of the universe (or unknown global diseases)?

In her latest work, Lies Pauwels also wishes to examine the features of the baroque with regard to her own artistic practice, which – in its radicality and intensity as well as its paradoxes – appears to have baroque dimensions.

Lies Pauwels is famous for incomparable plays that bring actors and non-professional performers together on stage. With her intensely visual theatre, her self-written texts and highly emotive soundtracks made up of pop and classical music she focuses our attention in an unconventional way on topical social themes. “Rarely have I seen such a touching, disquieting, harrowing, enigmatic, cheerfully disengaged and fearless evening in the theatre.” (Andreas Wilink in kultur.west about The Hamilton Complex)

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