Director Johan Simons and actress Sandra Hüller have had a long-standing working relationship since they first met in 2007 at the Munich Kammerspiele in Prince Frederick of Homburg. Since then, many extraordinary joint productions have followed, most recently Penthesilea and Hamlet at the Schauspielhaus Bochum with Sandra Hüller in the title roles, for each of which she was voted Actress of the Year.

In early 2023, the two artists will come together again for a new production. In a laudatory speech, Johan Simons once described the collaboration with Sandra Hüller as follows: "She is an actress who tries to be there in every moment, just to be there. The hardest thing in the world: to simply be on a stage. She gives her characters their life, she gives Hamlet oxygen. And love. Her compass as an actress is love, never cynicism. Tenderness, fragility, yes, simplicity. She's an actress who has hundreds of thoughts while she's playing, and makes it look so simple, like there's nothing more natural than that."

Sandra Hüller, on the other hand, characterises Johan Simons' way of working as follows: "With him I learned what acting actually means and how free I can be in it. With him, you can think everything, even the uninteresting things, and you don't have to hide anything. He prefers to be a spectator, not a tamer. We talk together about the inside and the outside, where we stand, how we stand, what we want to reveal and what we want to keep secret. Johan Simons never wants to know my secrets, I like that, he never wants to know where something comes from, what and how I play. This "everything allowed" and his respect mean that I always want to give gifts, in the performance. And I know he would never take anything without asking. He's not a taker like some people. There is no automatism. He doesn't presuppose anything."

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  • Place: Schauspielhaus
  • Language: German with English surtitles
  • Tags: #theatre
Exklusive Probe für Abonnent*innen
+ Introduction 19:00
  • Premiere: 03.03.2023
Co-production with the Schauspiel Leipzig
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung vom Luis Buñuel Film Institute