Sometimes we need stories. When we are sad or scared. When the world around us is changing. And what better story to tell than that of Edward Tulane, a porcelain rabbit who loses his home and everything he knows? And who, on his wondrous, adventurous, and sometimes dangerous journey, learns how important it is to be loved – and to love. His path leads Edward to the fisherman and his wife, to the tramp Malone and his dog Lucy and to many other beings who open their hearts to the porcelain rabbit and take him into their lives. Edward never forgets where he comes from. He never forgets the girl who owned him. And the hope of finding his way home again is great.

An imaginative story of love and sorrow, of deep waters and roaring winds, of farewell and arrival – brought to the stage by director Liesbeth Coltof, who has inspired thousands of children and adults with Die unendliche Geschichte and Nadzieja i tęsknota / Umut ve Özlem / Hoffen und Sehnen in Bochum. Award-winning American author Kate DiCamillo, known for Winn-Dixie, Despereaux and Der Elefant des Magiers, among others, brings Die wundersame Reise von Edward Tulane to life, a story that has the makings of a classic.

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  • Duration: 1:20, no break
  • Premiere: 25.11.2023
  • Language: DE

Die letzte Vorstellung fand am 01.04.2024 statt.

Video: Siegersbusch Film
All people
  • Edward Tulane, Susanna, Malone, Pikachu: Marius Huth
  • Großmutter, Fisch, Nellie, Greta, Krähe, Marlene, Lucia Clarke: Veronika Nickl
  • Hausmädchen, Martin, Fisch, Fischer, Bull, Krähe, Vater, Neal, Puppendame: Lukas von der Lühe
  • Hausmädchen, Amos, Fisch, Lawrence, Ernest, Wachmann, Bryce, Punkpuppe, Sohn von Abilene: Alexander Wertmann
  • Abilene, Fisch, Lolly, Hund Lucy, Krähe, Sarah, Alte Puppe: Jing Xiang
  • Piano, Fisch, Tatiana, Krähe, Puppe: Irina Zabolotna
  • Percussions, Fisch, Ala, Krähe, Puppe: Aladji Touré