We live in a society of the sighted. Our world is built on being able to see. From “see you later” through blind panic to love at first sight, our language is full of metaphors taken from a visual context. Our communication assumes we are able to see. Or how do you view this?

But what happens when these assumptions are not fulfilled? Not seeing is not the same thing as not being seen. Or perhaps, ultimately, it is? What space do the blind find themselves in? What does time mean to them? And what can be created from the darkness of not seeing?

This evening of songs tells stories of the lives of both blind and sighted people. For example, it includes the lives – and of course the songs – of the famous blind musicians Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. And descriptions of the gallery owner Johann König who has a severe visual disability from a childhood accident and sells art works that he can barely see. And also the writings of the British religious philosopher John Hull, who movingly described his life of progressive blindness in Touching the Rock. These are supplemented by personal conversations with visually impaired people we have met in our everyday lives.

With Different Eyes is a musical collage that immerses its audience in the world of blindness. We are currently experiencing how touch and intimacy can be potential sources of danger – which makes it even harder for them to replace the visuality of our world. But if we have to give these up too, what senses are left? Can we see with our ears?

Music has an almost unrivalled ability to transport emotions – whether it’s pop, rock, soul, jazz, funk or chansons.  With Different Eyes seeks to use musical and acoustic means to explore seeing and not seeing and to create other sensual experiences. The evening will be devised through a collective process of research and conception with the director Selen Kara, who recently enjoyed considerable success at Schauspielhaus Bochum with Istanbul. Music will be provided by the band led by celebrated musician Torsten Kindermann that is made up of both blind and sighted musicians.

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  • Premiere: dates will follow